Brad Waters

SLG Brands Commission, Cheltenham UK

Miles Dunkley CEO of SLG Brands in Cheltenham got in touch and explained his vision for the boardroom at the new SLG HQ being created in The Brewery District with Modus Workspace. Miles was keen on creating a contrast with graffiti, tags and a general urban "grunge" adorning the ceiling juxtaposed with slick modern interior and low hanging ceiling.

We worked together on the concept using key slogans from SLG to personalise the graffiti and during the painting it was great fun to have Miles come along to oversee the work and even bust out a few tags on the ceiling!

The build is still in progress, for now I can show you the work as I left it. I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished boardroom in spring 2019.

slg-graffiti-ceiling-commission-cheltenham-detail slg-graffiti-ceiling-commission-cheltenham-fuck-yeah slg-graffiti-ceiling-commission-cheltenham-work slg-graffiti-ceiling-commission-cheltenham-imagine
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E.S.A. & Hague Street Art, Netherlands

What a surprise to have Ringo from Hague Street Art in Netherlands phone up and let me know i'd landed a wildcard spot painting alongside some of Europes finest street artists (no pressure!) at Graffiti without Gravity in partnership with the European Space Agency and Montana Paint.

I painted something akin to battle scared space ships with a hint of space travel at light speed. The eye represents the search into space, always looking. The paintings have toured and featured at ESA, conf and then at Hague 19

Great fun and crew plus I learned a lot along the way, I really admire what The Hague Street Art are doing and are talented artists themselves.

Paintings on display at E.S.A ESTEC, Noordwijk, Netherlands.
Left: Arsek & Erase (Bulgaria), Centre: Brad Waters (UK), Right: Dmitrii Treu (Belgium).

The Graffiti without Gravity Artists with Hague Street Art team and Massimo from E.S.A ESTEC

graffiti-gravity-esa-hague-brad graffiti-gravity-esa-hague-detail1 graffiti-gravity-esa-hague-detail2 graffiti-gravity-esa-hague-detail3
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Kid's T-shirt Workshop, Cornwall, UK

As part of a camping weekend for parents and kids in deepest darkest Cornwall my contribution was a workshop where we created a stencil which was sprayed on the kids t-shirts then they got to customise and take home their finished design. Was great to see how involved everyone got (including parents!).

kid-kamp-graffiti-t-shirt-workshop-2 kid-kamp-graffiti-t-shirt-workshop-4

Stannary Brewery, Tavistock UK

Stannary Brewery is a small craft brewery based on the edge of Dartmoor in Tavistock. Owned by a couple of old friends I drop by and paint every now and then.

graffiti-street-art-craft-beer stannary-brewary-tavistock-brew-street-art-full
stannary-brewary-tavistock-brew-street-art-b stannary-brewary-tavistock-brew-street-art-r stannary-brewary-tavistock-brew-street-art-e stannary-brewary-tavistock-brew-street-art-w