Brad Waters

SLG Case Study

SLG are a beauty brands powerhouse based in Cheltenham, they create products with SuperDry, Little Mix, A Model Recommends (Colab) and others. Creativity is in their DNA with Miles Dunkley CEO and Chief Creative Officer at the healm.

The Concept

Miles got in touch and explained his vision for the boardroom at the new SLG HQ being created in The Brewery District, Cheltenham along with Modus Workspaces.

He was keen to create a contrast with graffiti, tags and a general urban "grunge" adorning the ceiling juxtaposed with slick modern interior and low hanging ceiling.

We worked together on the concept using key slogans from SLG to personalise the graffiti and finalised the colour palette.

It was a pleasure to work with Miles as he knows how to give creative freedom with just the right amount of direction. He even got involved and added a few tags!

In addition to the boardroom ceiling I was asked back in 2019 and commissioned with some additional art including a 4m tall star in the entrance lobby and a smaller art piece on a door.

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The Finished Work

slg-cheltenham-graffiti-boardroom-2 slg-cheltenham-graffiti-boardroom-1 slg-cheltenham-graffiti-boardroom-3 slg-cheltenham-stairs-star-workspace-door IMG_4348

The Process

breway-district-cheltenham-modus-development-site-visit ceiling-visual slg-graffiti-ceiling-commission-cheltenham-work slg-graffiti-ceiling-commission-cheltenham-slg-piece