Brad Waters

E.S.A. & Hague Street Art, Netherlands

What a surprise to have Ringo from Hague Street Art in Netherlands phone up and let me know i'd landed a wildcard spot painting alongside some of Europes finest street artists (no pressure!) at Graffiti without Gravity in partnership with the European Space Agency and Montana Paint.

I painted something akin to battle scared space ships with a hint of space travel at light speed. The eye represents the search into space, always looking.

Since the original event our painting have travelled around Europe being exhibited in Bibao, Spain and The Hague and the onto Germany. SLG Boardroom Graffiti ➞ ← All Projects

Paintings on display at E.S.A ESTEC, Noordwijk, Netherlands.
Left: Arsek & Erase (Bulgaria), Centre: Brad Waters (UK), Right: Dmitrii Treu (Belgium).
The Graffiti without Gravity artists along with Hague Street Art crew and Massimo from E.S.A ESTEC
graffiti-gravity-esa-hague-detail1 graffiti-gravity-esa-hague-detail2 graffiti-gravity-esa-hague-detail3