Brad Waters

Art Commissions

Create an identity, talking point and add value by transforming your interior or exterior surface with professional, contemporary and original hand painted art pieces.

Bespoke murals and mounted paintings in Brads style for fit out, interior design and refurbishment projects. My style in sizes and colour palette to suit your requirements.



Graffiti, Street Art, Geometric, Abstract, Expressive, Patterns, Typography and Branding.


Murals on interior or exterior surface or mounted pieces on canvas.


Corporate, Business, Workspace, Private Residence, Public Realm.


Simply get in touch and we can talk about what you would like to achieve.

1. Talk → 2. Ideas → 3. Final Draft → 4. Paint!

SLG Case Study

Miles Dunkley, CEO of beauty brands powerhouse SLG based in Cheltenham, got in touch and walked through his vision mixing the grungy aesthetics of graffiti with the modern boardroom, we worked together on some ideas then put the plan into action.

I returned in 2019 to add a giant 4m tall star under the stairwell and some other decorative flourishes.

slg-cheltenham-graffiti-boardroom-1 slg-cheltenham-graffiti-boardroom-2 slg-cheltenham-graffiti-boardroom-3 slg-cheltenham-stairs-star-workspace-door IMG_4348